We are Sophienwald

The Austrian brand "Sophienwald" produces according to the old glassblowing tradition - handmade and mouth-blown, just as it was done in 1726 in europe in the first glassworks. The idea was to cover the widest possible range of wines with as few glasses as possible. The designers of our glass collections have succeeded in meeting the highest demands of the art of sommelier with only a few wine glasses, supplemented by a sparkling wine and champagne glass. At the same time they combine all the advantages to meet the demands of the modern household. Sophienwald glasses are delicate and fine. The contemporary design fits into modern ambience. Above all, our Sophienwald glasses are works of art made of glass, which combine the contradictions of delicate and solid, classic and modern, noble and yet affordable. Each glass is mouth-blown, handmade and therefore always unique.